Reflexology - hands & feetReflexology has been practiced for thousands of years in such places as India, China and Egypt. An ancient Egyptian wall painting of the 6th Dynasty (approx. 2400 B.C.) found at Saqqara in the tomb of Ankhmahor, an ancient Egyptian physician, depicts two men working on the feet and hands of two other men. Reflexology has been used as a healing tradition by the North American native people for generations, and was thought to have been passed down by the Inca civilization.

Reflexology is a gentle, non-invasive, dynamic therapy using the application of gentle finger, knuckle and thumb pressure, to your feet and hands.  This process brings about a physiological and emotional change via direct and indirect energy pathways that impacts specific parts of the brain and body. Our bodies are somatically replicated at the feet and hands and by working the nerve endings, an impulse is sent via the nervous system to the organs and glands. At the same time, the practice of Reflexology removes blockages along the energy/nerve pathways throughout the whole body. My Practice of Chi Reflexology, (a combination of acupuncture points along the meridian lines with Reflexology) has assisted my clients to heal and maintain a balanced state.

Stress and tension are the greatest threat to the body’s equilibrium. Once stress is removed, elimination and increased blood flow creates improved circulation thereby promoting deep relaxation. I have witnessed remarkable results in the health of my clients who had been diagnosed with phantom limb pain, diabetic neuropathy, hemodialysis as well as edema that results in an abnormal retention of fluids, characterized as swollen ankles. As well, my clients diagnosed with depression, anxieties and elevated blood pressure, have reported a significant reduction of their symptoms.

My practice of Maternity Reflexology has promoted an easier delivery and the pain associated with childbirth. Clinical studies have shown that pregnant women with hypertension receiving reflexology used less anesthesia or other interventions and as well, accelerated the release of the placenta and eliminated post partum depression and anxiety.

Reflexology is an accepted drug-free, hands-on healing practice which complements and enhances other healing methods. It can be performed on everyone, for a general tuneup for an unhealthy body, pre and post-natal care for the Incoming Soul and new-born baby, and for pre-surgical and post-surgical patients.

I provide in-home visits in the greater G.T.A., at nursing homes, for hospice care and have treated clients with cancer, deal with the side effects of chemotherapy for pain, nausea, vomiting, and/or anxiety.

The investment for your in-home treatment is $85 Canadian. That includes a foot soak and bamboo/cotton moisturizing socks.

Payment can be made by cheque, cash or e-transfer. Your receipt can be claimed as a medical expense with Revenue Canada.